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Present Availability and Rates

My standard rates are


  • Monthly retainer - bi-weekly long call, accessibility, reviews : 7000$ / Mo
  •  Implementation project - usually 1-2 weeks : 5000$ / week based 
  • Consultation / Revision : 1500$ / day
  • Team training - advanced email/chatbot marketing : 2000$ / day (+expenses) 

All new projects start with a review call, at a price of 500$, and usually takes 2-3 hours.
This is deducted from the contract fee if such follows,
but refunded if you ever were to feel that no value has been served. 

These are reference prices that may vary upon project. 

Complete promotion copywriting I price based on value.

I do not work for unethical, immoral or in any way questionable businesses.

Your products, services and operation must drive value to the customers you serve. 

For questions and enquiries you can reach me via this form below.
Please be brief and concise. 

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