As a business owner & aspiring entrepreneur
 you have 3 questions to answer honestly:

 1) Your Growth. 
Smooth or struggle?

Positioning dictates from the start whether you will sail against or with the wind.
No one rewards you for working twice as hard. 

Don't press this button if you have your positioning already figured out.

2) Your key operations.
Fast or Slow?

If everything is YOUR work and competence

If you know everything, and your hand must be in everything,
than you are not the business owner of your own company.
You are your own assistant, and an assistant in every role.

You dream big, work hard and progress slowly.

If you stop everything stops.

You will burn out in 3 years.

If you micro-manage everyone with all knowledge fragmented

If you try to delegate, it consumes twice the time to explain
 and then double check at the end.
Where things are, how it's done with all the little best-practice secretes
 learned along the way is fragmented across your team.
In practice you you give tasks to get them all back at the end seeing if it's sorted.

If someone leaves, your operations are disrupted.

New hires will take 6+ month to reach their true value.
You have no time and energy to strategize, you

If everything is Process driven, measured, documented & semi-automated

Then you don't need to 'manage' only to control.
Your processes do the management.
Structural - team level productivity tuned to bring the best out of individuals.

This allows you to react quickly and see your decisions being realized quickly.

Onboarding can be paved and structured handling personal changes smoothly within a few weeks. This means from month 1 you can utilize your new employee at full value.

There is a thin line here. People are not robots and processes must not be overcomplicated and overdetailed.

This is why automations must be built with delicate expertise. 

Time is not negotiable.
Perfecting your key processes will able to realize reuslts fast while staying lean.

Don't press this button if your are satisfied with your operational speed.

3) The people you serve.
More or less committed as time goes?

If your Sales is transactional and only driven by your effort you don't utilize Marketing in its true meaning

You are offering discounts, building curiosity, convincing and listing up new reasons and it is getting harder. They've already 

seen it.

By you and the 300 thousand others bombarding them with the same slogens.

Long term relationships fueled by conviction BEAT 1-time transactions lured by curiosity. 

About a 1000x times.
This is the only advantage your competitors can't replicate, buy or steal.

No matter how much you make now,
 pressing this button could get you quadripple your profitabilty in 12 month.

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