Hello. My name is Tom Barad,
I'm a world-class Promotion Process expert
 specialized on Email- and Chatbot marketing. 

I may be able to help you in 3 ways:

 1) Your List Positioning 
High-quality subscribers
to loyal super-buyers

Your list quality is defined from the start, with the way you position your channel.
You will be one more line on the inbox newsfeed, or THE one email they wait to get.

​I can help you redefine the way your subscribers view your messages.

2) Your key Promotions
Take-rates &
Contribution margins off charts

The quality of your Promotions dictate Your monetization abilities on your list

I could take a save bet to double the effectiveness of your next promotion as for take rates, earnings per message and margins but instead I tell you how. 

If you segment better, you will be more relevant.

If you provide better context, you will gain higher authority and  commitment.

If you craft a better offer, you will not only see better results, but learn more about your audience and serve them better.

3) Your messaging quality
High-engaged subscribers, who prioritize on reading you a.s.a.p

It's not about the technology but the heart and soul and integrity of your messages

Simple, clean email/chat marketing. 
The right balance of relevant/semi-/irrelevant(bonding) messages.

At the right frequency. 
In a structure that is easy to see though, easy to measure and reflect upon. 

This allows you to react quickly and see your decisions being realized quickly.

And you will realize that decreasing engagement rates and tiring lists was result of errourous practices and not "the way things are".

Profitabilty is air, space and time for your Business. 
Perfecting your key messaging & promotion processes on you email/chatbot channels will realize
a massive growth of consitant, internalized and sustainable profitabilty.

If your Sales is transactional and only driven by your effort you don't utilize Marketing in its true meaning

You are bribing with discounts, luring with curiosity, and trying to think up new reasons to squeeze a sale...only to see that you are seing less and less margins.

Why? Because mediocre, mass marketing became crowded and over-promised. 300 thousand others bombarding your audience with the same slogens.

You need to do it smarter. And I can help you. 


Long term relationships fueled by conviction BEAT 1-time transactions lured by curiosity. 

This is the greatest advantage your competitors can't replicate, buy or steal.

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